About Dave


David A. Hulsey

Wine is not only a fantastic hobby but something that requires a drive to learn the nuances within. You have to have a desire, a drive to learn and that is something that has always been a part of David A. Hulsey. As a wine connoisseur, David has pioneered educating others about the wonderful world of wines. He is the perfect balance between quirky and knowledgeable blending a sort of wine-nerd mystique to the world of wine he inhabits.

David’s background entails years of self-education among the greater vineyards and rare vintages. Following him you’ll not only be educated about wine but also encouraged to learn more. This encouragement is essential to David’s philosophy.

Wine can punctuate a moment, be it a romantic dinner or a special occasion. In the business of wine David Hulsey adds this emotional connection to the wine experience. This is David’s personalized touch, his vision when introducing others to wines.

It is a blessing to be in the company of someone with the years of experience and the initiative to share it with others, David is one of those amazing people that just gravitates to you and makes your experience a special one. These experiences come from a past that craves excellence. David’s basic values come through in everything he does. He believes that providing a quality review or learning experience is at the core of being a wine connoisseur. It is a standard that raises everyone around him.

Wine connoisseurs can be a dime a dozen but David stands out from the crowd, when you meet him you get a personalized experience and are able to access all of his knowledge in an intimate setting. Meeting people face to face is something David insists on – it is something that has been ingrained in his business model from the inception. He isn’t new to the scene when it comes to wine, he is a trend setter rather than a follower. Wine isn’t just a business to David, it is a way of life.

Drinking wine should never be a complicated process

It doesn’t matter why you’re looking to enjoy a bottle of wine or why you want to learn more about the wines you enjoy, David will help you take your first steps into this world with confidence. Drinking wine should never be a complicated process, it should be something done with the ease of taking a breath. Enjoying wine should also be this easy. David will bring the complex world of wine and enjoying it with the care and attention it deserves. This attention is passed on to everyone who comes into contact with him.

David Hulsey’s years of experience never bring him to a place above people but rather it brings him among people who also share his love of wine. The passion he brings is infectious. When working with him you’ll truly feel like you are part of exclusive club of wine enthusiasts. David loves to reach out to those willing to learn and does his best to pass on that passion.