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Cool Ways To Display Your Wine

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If you are a wine enthusiast or someone who enjoys hosting parties such as dinner parties or cocktail parties then it is inevitable that you’ll want a way to display your collection of fine wines or alcohol. Your house will need a special location to not only store your wine but also organize it. Displaying your wine can be a good way to get rid of clutter and also add an element of style to your home.

When displaying wine you have to consider how to store it properly. First, you have to protect your wine from heat and light, these two combined can really do damage to the wine you have purchased or collected. Bottles that are dark or tinted are designed that way for a reason, they protect the wine from the light. Temperature should also be considered, high temperatures will age wine too soon, and this premature aging will throw off the taste profile, upsetting the natural balance of the wine itself.

Ideally a bottle of red wine should be stored between 50-55°, white wine can be stored as low as 45°. Since these temperatures are too low for the average person to endure comfortably it is best to keep wine stored in a temperature controlled environment such as a cellar or a cooler.

Nowadays wine coolers can be quite fashionable and integrated beautifully into your home. Have you ever wondered why all wine racks lay wine flat or horizontally, that is also by design. When stored horizontally the cork in the wine bottle is kept wet, this prevents it from cracking and allowing air into the bottle.

The decision to display your wine opens up a world of questions, at the start it is an overwhelming endeavor. The science of organization itself is an overwhelming one however with wine comes into play other elements – light, temperature and space.

Modern Wine Rack Idea from Decor Snob

Modern Wine Rack Idea from Wine Rack Ideas

Smaller collections can no doubt be stored in a smaller wine rack, if they are going to be consumed quickly then there is no need to worry about the particulars however for the discerning connoisseur a wine cellar or room is the way to go. Look for spaces in your home that are unused, a small closet or even the space under a set of stairs – these are perfect options for a climate controlled wine room.

Today you have modern options such as LED lighting, lighting like this doesn’t produce heat which is optimal for maintaining the sweet spot for your wine. Within this room you can then install a wall mounted wine rack that lines the entire wall, floor to ceiling. Since wine is subject to temperatures the best wine cellars have a self-contained climate control. To display your wine collection a glass door in the key piece. This should always be closed to maintain a constant temperature.

If you don’t know where to begin the best place would to talk to a designer or organizational expert who can identify lost space areas within your home. A good designer will be able to integrate your wine storage into your existing home so that it flows and integrates effortlessly – this common display will elevate your collection to a new level.

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