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The Best Types Of White Wines

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White wine is a classic choice and the obvious choice for those starting their journey into the world of wine. There are hundreds of types of white wine grapes, that amazing variety means you need to learn just what makes each one unique. The good news? You’ll probably only experience a select few of this variety especially if you’re working your way through the basics.

First things first, white wine should be chilled and the best temperature is from 45-55°. Chilling wine in the refrigerator is easiest, just lay the wine on its side for 3-4 hours. You can also put the wine in a bucket of ice.

However, the best thing about white wines is that there’s about five common types. All of the more common blends will pair well with a variety of foods.

  • Pinot Grigio – Pinot Grigio is a mild white wine favorite. It is fruity and often features citrus flavors or “tones”. Since Pinot Grigio is mild it makes a great wine that most everyone can enjoy, it pair well with fish or chicken.
  • Chardonnay – perhaps the single most popular wine in the United States, chardonnay has a range of flavor and that flavor can vary widely depending on the label or vineyard. Chardonnays can be infused with fruit flavors including apples or pears as well as flavors like vanilla. They pair well with turkey, cheese, creamy dishes and chicken.
  • Riesling – Rieslings are well known for their fruit filled flavor and they can be flavorful, tart wines with subtle tones. They also come in either dry or sweet varieties and pair well with spicy foods or alternatively salty ones like ham or other pork dishes.
  • Sauvignon Blanc – well known for its oaky flavors, Sauvignon Blanc can vary widely based on the regions it is grown in. Variations can be light and dry or fruity depending on just where the grapes are cultivated. Sauvignon Blancs pair well with high acid foods or citrusy dishes, like lemon chicken or goat cheeses.
  • Moscato – a sweet white wine that are light on alcohol and perfect for a lazy summer afternoon, this lightly carbonated wine sips well and pairs with fruit. It’s a sweet sparkling wine and is fantastic with light appetizers.

The perfect white wine really makes a dinner a special event and when you know just how to pick one it can really complement your main dishes. Food pairings with white wine are not as complicated as they can be with reds so if you’re new to the wine scene start your journey with a white. They are a traditional, classic choice when it comes to dinner and wine providing a lot of variety among the more common types.

Having a set few to choose from will not only make your life easier when it comes to pairing wine and foods but also take a normal dinner up a notch. Start with the above selections to get to know your wine better, you’ll be amazed at the variety white wines offer the palette.

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